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As soon as real extreme forbidden at pinterest, i decided to setup completely new platform for extreme art lovers. With the same functionality as pinterest has, but with NO fucking moderation. With free one-click registration. Board will be completely free of puritan paranoids and will be open for all who loves to view, collect and share real bdsm and extreme drawings.

So. I have such question for my dear visitors. Please vote!

Pinterest-styled site for EXTREME art?

Many thanx

Genre:  Sex Simulator

Delivery:  instant digital download

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well, today i wish to ask you my new question

(as an extreme artist only… and yeah, it’s not so easy to create something really good).

ok, here is my poser

Are you ready to spend money for adult artworks of great quality?

i wish to get only the honest answers, my dears.

please leave a comment if such poll is a flat suck. thanx! ;)

Today new good bdsm art site released - Celebs Dungeon. Hot Hollywood bitches who love nothing more than getting bound, punished and fucked in their every hole.


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Drawn art can go places that live action porn cannot. These beautiful BDSM art and forced sex galleries star arousing women and big cock men that wants them and will not take no for an answer. Sometimes they have to knock them out and tie them up and other times all it takes is sheer force of will to make the women submit to the superior cocks these men wield. They always get what they want in the hand drawn porn and the art is beautiful.

visit Male Dom Comix

or view some of our latest comix’ covers:

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hi all!

today i decided to make a new poll. here i added top 8 of my favorite extreme artists

(for sure i don’t know all the artists working in extreme genre…)

as for my opinion Agan Medon rocks and he is the best so here is the first vote :)

also i added next great masters:  Astericxk , Fernando ,  I&P , Kose , Phoney Likker , Roberts , Silvio Dante

samples of theirs’ masterpieces are at theirs’ profile pages at falart (see the extreme artists section)

Who is your favourite artist in extreme niche?

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i need your opinion, my dear visitors.

i wish to produce some fresh content (exclusive) in extreme drawing niche. but i’m not sure what kind of content is at your wish-list :)

so please help me in my choosing:

niche content. what niche do you wish?


hi all!

today i decided to add a new section to my blog.

Extreme artists” will be updated permanently with samples of work of all known artists making some extreme adult stuff.

If you are an adult artist – please add your own works here to let more people view your masterpieces! ;)

all best to all of you

all best for all of us in 2012!!

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