bdsm art :: extreme drawings

The BDSM art begins with a drunken man leering at a sleeping girl from the side of her bed. She only wakes up as he’s pulling off her panties and by then he’s in a frenzy and it’s too late to stop. All she can do is go along with it. He forces his cock down her throat and when he wants more he puts her in rope bondage so she can’t fight him off. That’s when he fucks her pussy in the sizzling pics. Continue »

Her neighbor is a naughty peeping Tom and when he sees her getting undressed one night he loses self control and invites himself into her apartment. She doesn’t know he’s there until it’s too late. He’s too big to resist so she simply drops to her knees and gives him a blowjob while he fucks her ass with a bottle. The drawn forced sex pics also show him penetrating her pussy with his large cock. Continue »

She walks over to the exam table and takes her clothes off before lying down. The beautiful BDSM art shows the flirty beauty tied to the table and experimented on briefly. He finds her body arousing and it makes his cock hard to think about fucking her. Once fully bound he pulls it out and has her suck his balls and his meat. She gets him hard and he fucks her tender toon pussy deep from behind. Continue »

She comes around the corner and finds two thuggish guys standing there. They recognize her vulnerability and take advantage by grabbing her and starting what will be a deeply satisfying forced sex session for them. The arousing hand drawn art shows them double penetrating the slut and making her scream. They abuse her ass and pussy and cum all over her face and big toon tits before leaving Continue »

She would leave the dungeon if she could but he keeps her bound in one way or another 24/7. There is no escape. Instead she merely waits for him to use her over and over again. His favorite thing is a rope suspension so she is completely at his mercy. The rush of power he feels is unlike anything and it turns him on to the point that he must fuck his little bondage slave. The drawn art reflects his passions. Continue »

He sneaks up behind the innocent beauty in a dress and whacks her hard over the head with a bottle, breaking it and knocking her out in the process. He carries her to a more private area, ties her up, and when she awakens begins his sexual abuse. He fondles her, fucks her ass and pussy with a new bottle, and finally uses her as his personal cock and cum receptacle. The BDSM sex set ends in a big cumshot. Continue »