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Phoney Likker likes big tits on his BDSM art creations and as a result every woman is a bust pain slut in search of suffering. They are put through rigorous and arousing bondage and their bodies abused in a variety of exciting and arousing ways. They are bound and penetrated, they are slapped around, and they are abused until they can’t handle any more. That’s when the masters push it even further! The cartoon art style is sexy and allows for incredible pain and punishment in a sexy way.


this gallery presented by drawing palace

Phoney Likker’s gallery:

found these samples at Drawing Palace

i’m looking for any additional information regarding Phoney Likkerx.

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many thanx!

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2 comments on “Phoney Likker. Some nice samples of what hi doing (assorted)

  1. mókucipókuci on said:

    tizenkettedik kép,ököl pinában,jópár csajnak csinálnám…

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