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Silvio Dante produces BDSM comics in the American comic art style and his taste for harshness towards women is sexy as hell. He loves to depict harsh abuse for the suffering ladies and ensure their pain and distress. Women are roasted over an open fire, gangbanged while in bondage, and fucked in every way imaginable. Sometimes their masters want to fuck them and sometimes they’re simply interested in torturing them until they break. It’s all sexy though and it never fails to be hugely arousing.


this gallery presented by drawing palace

Gallery of Silvio Dante:

found these samples at Drawing Palace

i’m looking for any additional information regarding Silvio Dante.

if you can help – please leave your comment here.

many thanx!

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5 comments on “Silvio Dante. Samples of art (assorted)

  1. HI,
    I have admired his work also,, I Have one pic I can give you,,,

  2. tf1005 on said:


    What happened to I can’t access the site any longer. Every time when I clicked on the link I was directed to some other random website.

    Is there any other way to see more of his artworks? I really admire his drawings.


    • Hi Tommy!
      i have no ideas what happened exactly, but as i noticed drawing palace is offline during at least few last months.
      This way – i’m joining your request to share the source where GREAT Silvio Dante’s artworks exposed in a more expanded repertoire.
      Thank you all!

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