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Zebric brings us black and white BDSM pencil art with men taking advantage of submissive women and using them in ways they never imagined. The use can get hard and kinky and it’s tons of fun to admire because of that. Some women are subjected to sex with animals to reinforce their submission. Others are double penetrated or fucked by two guys at once. Some are in gangbangs. They are toys and objects. They are BDSM art sluts. The art style is fairly unique so you should see if it works for you.


this gallery presented by drawing palace

Gallery of Zebric:

found these samples at Drawing Palace

i’m looking for any additional information regarding Zebric.

if you can help – please leave your comment here.

many thanx!

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3 comments on “Zebric. B/W samples of the drawings (assorted)

  1. mókucipókuci on said:

    középkor,kerék,csaj kifeszítve,égetgetve…
    tanárnő asztalon partibakúrva…

  2. fabiolaviteri on said:

    can you explain why i become so aroused? im a girl!

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