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The unique art style of Brazzar and his love of public BDSM and group play makes his work irresistible.

Brazzar has one of the most unique drawing styles in the BDSM art world. You can tell his drawings the instant you see any of them. The females are drawn with curves and big beautiful tits and the men are thick, burly creatures that like to use those they see as submissive. He veers from extreme pain and punishment of the ladies to group sex and double penetrations. The BDSM drawings are always vibrant and he manages to bring a great deal of life to them despite being limited by only having a pencil.

Gallery of Brazzar:

more Brazzar’s artworks can be found at Sick Sex Art site

may be somebody knows if Brazzar has his own site?

please leave a comment if you have some information regarding this great artist.

many thanx!

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