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In the extreme you can find arousal and pleasure and Demver likes to push the limits of extreme BDSM art.

Much of the work Demver does would and should be considered extreme or deeply fetishistic. He doesn’t just stick with simple BDSM art. He likes to push the limits with piss and shit play, with extreme pain and torture, with bleeding, and more. Women are typically the ones on the receiving end but every once in a while a man is made to suffer as well. Many scenes include group action and those on the receiving end always have that intoxicating look of fear on their faces.

Gallery of Demver:

more Demver’s artworks can be found at Sick Sex Art site

may be somebody knows if Demver has his own site?

please leave a comment if you have some information regarding this great artist.

many thanx!

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2 comments on “Demver added to my “extreme artists” catalog. Some sample artworks

  1. Masostud on said:

    Excellent artist realizing giid ideas

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