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Torture was once quite common. Torque takes us back to that time as women are bound in dungeons and tortured.

In the time of kings and castles torture was used for almost anyone that misbehaved. If information was needed it was tortured out of someone in the most inhumane way imaginable. The various devices used to injure people would boggle the mind. The BDSM art of Torque brings us back to that time as he explores what it was like for the misbehaving women that would end up in those dungeons. His black and white BDSM toon style makes the painful work a pleasure to behold.

gallery of Torque:

more Torque’s artworks can be found at Sick Sex Art site

may be somebody knows if Torque has his own site?

please leave a comment if you have some information regarding this great artist.

many thanx!

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  1. mókucipókuci on said:

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