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Her grandpa sits and watches while his granddaughter gets fucked by the family dog. He has her chained up so she can’t fight the hardcore fucking.

my fantasy:

The dog has mounted the chained up girl in the BDSM drawing and its cock is inside her from behind. She looks defeated, beaten, and totally broken. That’s what happens when animals fuck you while your grandfather watches the action as he drinks a beer and tells you what nice pussy you have for animal sex.

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One comment on “The kinky BDSM picture shows a dog fucking a girl in front of her grandpa.

  1. Billboethius on said:

    Sluts deserve to be penetrated by dogs. Dogs screw best because they lose themslves completely and go to it single mindedly and with intensity. Every man should give his girl to a dog, that is very considerate. This drawing has a naive quality perfectly suiting the subject matter. This girl should be grateful to her grandpa for being so kind, despite her clawed and scratched body. She will heal, dog semen is good for wounds.

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