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Most BDSM artists have a dark side and Farrel is more than happy to go deep into his when he wants to create great sadism drawings for you.
This set is all about taking the pain to the next level. In fact, it gets to the point where none of this would be possible in the real world because the human body can only handle so much punishment. Heavy abuse of all kinds arouses in the hot pics and the BDSM drawing style is sexy and accessible

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6 comments on “Farrel lets his darkness loose in this BDSM artwork filled with pain and suffering

  1. OMG! where can I see more?

  2. Does Farrel have a pay site? please send me a link!

  3. Merry,
    Farrel is one of the best and one of my all-time favorites. Sadly, this work is decades old, and I don’t think he has produced anything new. In fact, I’ve heard he passed away some time ago. I’ve been hoping to find a lost collection but have yet to find one.

  4. clonus on said:

    Not all these pictures are Joseph Farrel. Many are from Razor and other artists.

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