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The beautiful torture artwork of Warhammer has a unique style to it that looks awfully simple but provides plenty of pleasurable wallop for the viewers.
Some of the BDSM art looks like it was drawn on the back of a napkin but don’t let the simplicity fool you. Instead reveal in the beauty of a painfully tortured woman weeping as blood runs down her chest or out of her pussy. Revel in the extreme nature of the action

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5 comments on “Torture artwork with inventive ways of making drawn women suffer

  1. warhammer on said:

    Y-o-o-o! It’s my…

    • Hi Warhammer !
      i really happy to see you here!!!
      don’t you mind i places some of your wonderful artworks here?

      • warhammer on said:

        Why not? Now I have yet some animated gif’s, such as “Craving”, “Roman lex”, “Jingle bells” and 3D version “Parasol”, wich presented here.

  2. PLEASE send it to me to and i’ll place all of them here. As i see at my pageview stats – you are one of most popular extreme artists represented at falart, so the visitors will be happy to view some of your newest artworks, especially gifs!


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