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BDSM artist Agan Medon loves to draw his ladies with big tits and slender waists. They’re ideal bimbo figures and they can take punishment like most. The BDSM cartoon porn often features extreme poses thanks to hot bondage and the use of wooden crosses. Their pain is your pleasure and big cocks are employed to fuck these beauties. They are merely toys for the men to use and the sexuality on display is always a treat. The men are well-proportioned and prepared to deliver anything in the BDSM art.

this gallery presented by drawing palace

Agan Medon’s gallery:

found these samples at Drawing Palace

there is the only place i found across the web where people talking about Agan Medon – renderotica archived forum page

i’m looking for any additional information regarding Agan Medon.

if you can help – please leave your comment here.

many thanx!

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4 comments on “Agan Medon’s free picture samples (assorted)

  1. Adam on said:

    Ctrl Alt Delete failed me!Next time you use terms like BDSM, can you put the dinefition right there in your post?!I don’t know if I should be more embarrassed by not knowing what BDSM is, or the fact that I when I clicked the link to find out, my work computer conveniently froze on the BDSM wikipedia dinefition for all the Doctors, my co-workers and patients to see!I have to go recover from my heart failure and the trip under my desk to yank the plug from the wall!wt

  2. When I try to access the “Drawing Palace” site all I get is a blank screen as if its gone out of business or has been web censored for some reason? Some feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • Hi Nemo.
      i guess drawing palace teem finally closed their’s sites. i’m not sure, but it seems so. so, if you wish some good torture content in drawn niche – you should find some other site to get access.
      may be you need some assistance? :)

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