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9 comments on “subscribe

  1. love seein women being tortured, the blodder the better,love the bondage art work,i wonder if you could show some hollywood starlets being tortured

  2. goodhands on said:

    Yep! Love putting them in their place as females, receptacles made to suffer

  3. jordan on said:

    to visit the immagination of the artists

  4. knight17k on said:

    hi i like use pics my wife for comic site pl help me

  5. tommylarsen on said:

    Great side

  6. allen on said:

    like the animation…i make silly pictures from others art..if you would like to see some leave me an upload address.

  7. nicole on said:

    very beautifull thank you

  8. Looking forward to seeing more of what’s to come.

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