bdsm art :: extreme drawings

Cheremosh takes his BDSM artwork to extreme places in the name of pleasure Continue »

Arcas is gifted with a computer and makes arousing 3d BDSM artwork Continue »

Torturman takes the kind of girls you might see in BDSM porn, transplants them to his sadistic drawings, and pushes them a little beyond what you’d find in live action porn. Continue »

Much of the BDSM art drawn by Otaku falls into the extreme category with the submissives being burned or cut or injured in other ways. Continue »

Alazar loves pencil drawing and creates realistic and sexy females with big tits suffering BDSM pain. Continue »

The BDSM artwork of Zerosen takes us back to a time when torture was an everyday part of life. Women suspected of being witches were burned at the stake and often tortured in a dungeon beforehand. Adulterers were abused in myriad ways. Hangings were common. Zerosen brings you back to that time so you can revel in the abuse these women suffered and the black and white, pencil drawn style of the BDSM art makes it palatable and not too extreme. It’s a talent to make something like this so sexy. Continue »