bdsm art :: extreme drawings

In his cartoon artworks Piter Cotton tends to unreal scenes of female warriors with muscled masculine bodies but big and sometimes exaggerated tits being tortured and humiliated by male and female, conquered and almost killed, suspended and gagged, disgraced and challenged. Continue »

The babes are mostly depicted suspended and fixed and gagged. The artist lives them in this state in the scene thus to enhance the anticipation and the panic of obscurity. Continue »

So you may find hot sexy waitress being fixed, plagued, gagged and made serve the bar customers, or a cute bitch fixed on the pole and put the background of a ruined court Continue »

The artist exhibits hyperbolized tits in every scene. Actually each action is carried over the boobs. One may state that female tits are the main theme line in each work creating the specific atmosphere and giving the entire scene a tone Continue »

The artist shows hot women with big boobs and carries scientific and psychological experiments over his victims. The simplicity of his art lies in the domain of cartoon presentation Continue »

Terrible torture, arousing roughness and sexy seductions are abound in the pictures produced by the twisted mind of Blackheart. Continue »

A unique cartoon art style makes the BDSM toon work of Concha Punani sexy Continue »

In the BDSM art world of Roscoe women are big-breasted objects meant to be used and abused for the pleasure of the men that love them. These busty hot sluts are put through all kinds of suffering including a nail through the tits, hard anal sex while in a collar, rope bondage, aggressive sexual usage by a group of men, and more. The BDSM art features a cartoon style with curvy bodies, big tits, and big cocks for the men. Piss play is often involved and the women simply take it all because they love to suffer. Continue »

Phoney Likker likes big tits on his BDSM art creations and as a result every woman is a bust pain slut in search of suffering. They are put through rigorous and arousing bondage and their bodies abused in a variety of exciting and arousing ways. They are bound and penetrated, they are slapped around, and they are abused until they can’t handle any more. That’s when the masters push it even further! The cartoon art style is sexy and allows for incredible pain and punishment in a sexy way. Continue »