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Well known Do Fantasy just released two new comics by Cagry.

84 color comic pages!

Here the album covers of this WOW update:



I personally recommends to view IT in full quality!

Go to Do Fantasy to see details.

The Bandito has the skill of a comic artist and puts it to use in BDSM drawings Continue »

She’s been taken prisoner by her uncle and will be used as his sex slave for as long as he wants. He eats her out and fucks her in the naughty BDSM comic. Continue »

He walks into the dungeon with a boner and he makes the sweet drawn girl suck on his big cock in the kinky BDSM comic. It’s sexy in pencil. Continue »

In the sexy comic a warrior babe with a sword is surprised by the monster and ends up bent over with his cock plunging into her tight toon pussy. Continue »

She mistakenly gives her master an order and he responds by slapping her face as hard as he can manage. She cries in the BDSM artwork because it hurts. Continue »

Her master pulls hard on the rope and puts the drawn slut into the cage. The BDSM comic shows her on her knees with her hands on the bars waiting. Continue »

Wayne Wine’s BDSM art style will remind you of superhero comic books you’ve read. The drawings are colorful and vibrant and the characters sexy. The bondage featured is generally light, if at all. What he focuses on is domination and submission. A powerful man that knows what he wants takes control of a woman and makes her submit to his will. He then uses her body to get off, fucking her mouth and pussy and asshole as he sees fit. The BDSM comics are arousing for that reason. Continue »

Silvio Dante produces BDSM comics in the American comic art style and his taste for harshness towards women is sexy as hell. He loves to depict harsh abuse for the suffering ladies and ensure their pain and distress. Women are roasted over an open fire, gangbanged while in bondage, and fucked in every way imaginable. Sometimes their masters want to fuck them and sometimes they’re simply interested in torturing them until they break. It’s all sexy though and it never fails to be hugely arousing. Continue »

The cartoon art style of Morpheus features clean lines, beautiful characters, and vibrant colors. He keeps it simple so the focus is always on the central abuse going down. The women here are toys that he likes to see abused and he pushes the limits. Heavy physical abuse in the BDSM comics includes punching and kicking, there are often gangbangs, and most women are pissed on. The ladies in the BDSM art are no more than objects meant to be used for the pleasure of men. They have no feelings or needs. Continue »

When you browse the BDSM comics of Michael Peters you’ll feel as though you’re watching a genuine scene turned cartoon. The women look like pornstars with big tits and tight waists but they seem genuine. The men look real too but with outsized cocks for doing the most damage when they fuck tight holes. The BDSM porn play isn’t over the top, but instead based in reality with bondage, kinky outfits, and good sex play. Dildo sex is employed in the girl on girl action. Continue »

The BDSM comics of Kose always feature hugely busty women with curvy bodies that glisten, men with big cocks to fuck them, and hot bondage. Most of it is rope work and the dialogue is always smartly done to enhance the pleasure of watching a woman take punishment for the pleasure of her male captors. This punishment usually involves mild pain and heavy restraint. Inventive bondage positions are used and the BDSM art never fails to deliver an arousing experience for fans. Continue »

The sexiest thing about the BDSM art from Elless & Raylude is their depiction of the loss of innocence. Most of their BDSM comics start with the girls seeming sweet and innocent and then things quickly shift and when they realize what’s about to happen they’re terrified. That shift is a beautiful thing and the BDSM cartoons then show them being abused in a variety of ways. The physical abuse is hot and the way the guys simply take what they want sexually will arouse. The art style is fantastic, too. Continue »

The talent Dracul displays when creating his BDSM comics lies in showing the genuine suffering the ladies go through. Through smartly written dialogue and emotive drawings he shows their desire to be free of their torturous situation. Rope work is his favorite type of bondage and the pain ranges from a good whipping to torture of various body parts. The girls in the BDSM comics always have marks on them when it’s over and they often cry from the severe nature of the pain they suffer. Continue »

D-X works in black and white and makes terrific BDSM comics with a strong dungeon vibe. The women are drawn as outsized doll types with tiny waists and big titties and the men are always so well hung that the dicks look like weapons to tear open pussies. He depicts typical bondage scenarios with great rope work and bondage devices put to use. The BDSM art always manages to convey with a strong sense of reality how the girls are suffering and their desire for it to stop in any way. Continue »