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Enjoy the amazing and often extreme sadistic drawings of Farrel and feel a little of what he feels when he dreams and fantasizes. Continue »

Sadists and lovers of severe, painful punishments will delight in what Farrel has for you in this set of incredible BDSM art. Continue »

Things have gotten naughtier in the BDSM drawings of Farrel and now it’s getting bloody. Continue »

This set of BDSM artwork by Farrel is built around torture and the many pleasures that come from it. Continue »

Most BDSM artists have a dark side and Farrel is more than happy to go deep into his when he wants to create great sadism drawings for you. Continue »

This collection of sexy BDSM drawings from Farrel features group scenes almost exclusively. Continue »

The arousing drawings of Farrel feature women being set upon by groups of men that want to fill them. Continue »