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In his cartoon artworks Piter Cotton tends to unreal scenes of female warriors with muscled masculine bodies but big and sometimes exaggerated tits being tortured and humiliated by male and female, conquered and almost killed, suspended and gagged, disgraced and challenged. Continue »

The babes are mostly depicted suspended and fixed and gagged. The artist lives them in this state in the scene thus to enhance the anticipation and the panic of obscurity. Continue »

The girls are suspended and fixed, gagged and tortured. The artist fuses different styles and migrates in his work from pure bdsm torturing to monster horror scenes. Continue »

So you may find hot sexy waitress being fixed, plagued, gagged and made serve the bar customers, or a cute bitch fixed on the pole and put the background of a ruined court Continue »

67 free artworks of gagged (bgall-gagged mostly, but there are a number of tape gagged women too) slaves. assorted. by different creators. Continue »

WrCarr crafts BDSM drawings of huge titty women in bondage and pain Continue »

Beautiful women are abused in the 3d BDSM pics of Finality 3d Continue »

Dravuor uses his 3d artwork talents to put beautiful women in peril through bondage Continue »

Carmag specializes in 3d damsels in distress in his BDSM artwork and it’s perfect Continue »

She’s gagged and in tight bondage so her huge natural tits can be milked by the machine. The 3d bondage comic shows her in great distress. Continue »

Bishop loves the look of a gagged and bound woman and his BDSM art depicts that in many ways. Continue »

He has her gagged and tied and her legs bent in a way that would normally be impossible. Her legs are marked up from his cane and the BDSM artwork is great. Continue »

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