bdsm art :: extreme drawings

Relentless bondage and punishments fill the BDSM artwork of Damdoshi Continue »

Torture is used to punish those that have misbehaved and we must assume that the beautiful women featured in this BDSM drawings have all done something terribly wrong to deserve the harsh fates they suffer in the sadistic artwork. Continue »

That torture device is meant to punish or perhaps induce a confession. It can also end a girl and this big tits beauty is about to suffer a rough fate. Continue »

See women treated as slaves and objects for punishment in the harsh BDSM art of Cato. Continue »

Silvio Dante produces BDSM comics in the American comic art style and his taste for harshness towards women is sexy as hell. He loves to depict harsh abuse for the suffering ladies and ensure their pain and distress. Women are roasted over an open fire, gangbanged while in bondage, and fucked in every way imaginable. Sometimes their masters want to fuck them and sometimes they’re simply interested in torturing them until they break. It’s all sexy though and it never fails to be hugely arousing. Continue »

There’s something about BDSM pencil art that makes harsh depictions of punishment and torture a little easier to admire. It softens the pain and suffering of the submissives and Kawa specializes in it. His characters have a distinct look, too, so you know when you’re looking at a Kawa piece. He prepares exciting BDSM drawings for you and they include pussy punishment, bondage, hardcore fucking, and sometimes extreme pain. There is no limit to what can be drawn so he’s free to go to wild places. Continue »

The I&P artwork is some of the most beautiful you’ll see in the BDSM drawings space. Everything is carefully crafted, the women are beautiful, and the unique style makes it a pleasure to appreciate what he does. The BDSM cartoons have a sensual quality to them even when what’s happening is of an extreme nature, like a guy taking a chainsaw to a girl’s body. To make that seem even a little erotic and not just exceptionally violent and harsh is quite an accomplishment. Continue »

The black and white art style of Badia allows for depictions of extreme torture and punishment without it being too harsh to handle. Dismembered bodies are a favorite of his, as are depictions of women as little more than pets meant to be used for the pleasure of their masters, even if that pleasure comes from severe punishment and pain. The black and white BDSM art includes a fair amount of sex with a smattering of piss porn thrown in to add a little extra flavor. It’s rough stuff and it’s supremely hot too. Continue »