bdsm art :: extreme drawings

The babes are mostly depicted suspended and fixed and gagged. The artist lives them in this state in the scene thus to enhance the anticipation and the panic of obscurity. Continue »

Nothing. Ropeadoro presents his artwork in sketch. All of his works are created in pencil using sketch technique Continue »

The girls are suspended and fixed, gagged and tortured. The artist fuses different styles and migrates in his work from pure bdsm torturing to monster horror scenes. Continue »

In a way of simple retro cartoons the artists interprets the suspension and panic of a victim being prepared for hot bdsm play. The scenes can be grouped or solo but still they are full of human emotions. Continue »

His girls are mostly suspended and immovable that adds specific charm of punishment inevitability Continue »

His ladies with hot bodies are extremely realistic. The author does not resort to any means of enhancing suspension, passion or panic. Continue »

All women presented in his sketch works are portrayed with big tits and curvy hips along with slim waists. Continue »