bdsm art :: extreme drawings

The artist shows hot women with big boobs and carries scientific and psychological experiments over his victims. The simplicity of his art lies in the domain of cartoon presentation Continue »

Unlike most BDSM artists Grey Monk chooses to work in color and bring a little bit of light to the scenes that depict such darkness. Continue »

The brilliance of Alexus is in using pencil to create BDSM drawings that depict often brutal torture. Continue »

Laurent works mostly in the black and white BDSM art space and he creates vivid images of pain and suffering. The women are abused by a variety of guys and their displeasure is always the focus. They are made to live through pain and sometimes torture. The art style is unique and fresh and the ladies depicted in the sexiest way possible. Some drawings show arcane torture and punishment devices put to use and they can be a little frightening as they make your cock hard as a rock. Continue »